Frequently asked questions

General Questions: 

1. Q: What board sizes are available?
A: 23x7, 23x9 and 23x11

2. Q: How long does it take until I get my sign?
A:  you can check the current lead time > HERE <

3. Q: Can I get my order any faster than the posted lead time?
A: Please contact us if you need an order faster than our posted lead time. We have a limited amount of Rush Order slots available and may or may not be able to accommodate you.

4. Q: What stain colors are available.
A: Dark Walnut  &  Special Walnut and Black painted front.

5. Q: LEAD TIME: why can it take up to 4 weeks until my order ships. 
A: We are a family business and during busy times orders can back up to a 3-4 week lead time for production. We offer the highest quality possible and as they say...."QUALITY TAKES TIME
check current lead-time: here


Design Questions: 

1. Q: Can I change the design?
A: Yes... please check our Design Database or email us with your design idea. 

2. Q: Can I see a sample of my design idea before I purchase?
A: We don't offer renders before purchase, but will send you the sample after purchase and you will have the opportunity to make as many changes as you want until it's perfect. If we are unable to make it perfect, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

3. Q:What if I don't see a design I like on your database or have a specific logo or picture I want on my sign?
A: Please Contact Us and fill out the form. You may attach a photo if needed so we can see if your idea is possible.

4. Q: Do you charge extra for custom designs? 
A: We charge $5-$10 for smaller projects. And $30.00 Design fee for complex Designs. Check out this video on how we design our signs.  

5. Q: How many design changes can I make? 
A: Unlimited!  We are working hard and fast to get you a first draft quickly.Normally with 1-3 design changes we get the design down. 
Current record: 42 design changes. 


More sensitive Questions: 

1. Q: Can I cancel my order? 
A: Anytime, no questions asked! We refund your money back unto your card and send you a confirmation email. 

2. Q: What if I don't like the sign after i get it?
A: Your money back! 

3. Q: What if I see damage or imperfections on the sign?
A: Please email us and attach a picture of the  damaged area. We will send you a replacement ASAP! 

4. Q: What if my package gets lost in the mail? 
A: After a 2 weeks wait,  we will send you a replacement.  (USPS is pretty good, but 1-2 boxes do get lost every year)