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The Ultimate Guide to Running Medal Displays: Showcasing Your Hard-Earned Achievements

The Ultimate Guide to Running Medal Displays: Showcasing Your Hard-Earned Achievements

Posted by Stefan W. on Sep 15th 2023

Are you a passionate runner who consistently laces up those running shoes for long distances, races, or marathons? If so, you understand the tremendous effort and dedication required to conquer these challenges. Each time you cross the finish line, it's an accomplishment worth celebrating and preserving. That is where the running medal display comes into play.


Running Medal Displays

What is a Running Medal Display?

running medal display is a specialized rack or hanger designed to showcase your hard-earned running medals. It provides an opportunity to display your achievements with pride, motivating you to continue pushing your limits. More than a mere rack, it's a symbol of your dedication and a reminder of past glories.

Running Medal Displays

Advantages of Owning a Running Medal Display

1. A visual reminder of your accomplishments

running medal display acts as an inspiring visual reminder of all the races you've completed. Seeing your medals every day can motivate and remind you of the effort you put into achieving those goals. It enables you to relive the adrenaline rush, the sense of accomplishment, and the determination that fueled your every step.

2. An organized and attractive display

Instead of keeping your medals hidden away in a drawer or buried in a shoebox, a running medal display allows you to exhibit them proudly. With diverse designs and materials to choose from, you can customize your display to reflect your personality and complement your home décor. It adds a touch of elegance to your living space, becoming a talking point for guests.

3. Celebrate and inspire others

Displaying your hard-earned medals can serve as a powerful source of motivation for others. Friends, family, or fellow runners who see your collection may be inspired to start their own running journey. By showcasing your achievements, you become an ambassador for the sport, encouraging others to embrace an active and healthy lifestyle.

Running Medal Displays

Choosing the Perfect Running Medal Display

When selecting a running medal display, there are a few factors to consider:

1. Design and material

Running medal displays come in various designs, such as hooks, racks, holders, or frames. Our medal holders have wooden pegs which are sturdy and can hold several pounds of weight each. Our pine wood medal holders come with saw tooth hangers pre-installed on the back. You'll want to use screws and sheet rock anchors to ensure the stability of your holder. We also recommend hanging on a stud if possible.

2. Capacity

Take stock of your current medal collection and consider future additions. Ensure that the chosen display has ample capacity to showcase all of your medals comfortably. If you plan on tackling more races in the future, opt for a display with room for expansion. We offer a wide variety of sizes ranging from 11 pegs to 50, some with bib clips and some with trophy shelves. Make sure to browse our wide selection to find just the right one for you!

3. Flexibility and customization

We can put any text on the medal holders that you'd like. we can even put images or other design elements*. Just reach out to us with your idea!

*we cannot add copyright images or logos

Running Medal Display

Running Medal holder

Showcasing Your Medals with Pride

Your running medals represent the commitment, resilience, and sacrifices you made to achieve your running goals. A running medal display offers a fitting stage to showcase and pay tribute to your accomplishments. Whether you hang it in your living room, study, or personal gym, it will be a constant reminder of your strength and determination.
So, runners, invest in a running medal display that resonates with you, and let your medals serve as a source of inspiration. Embrace the pride of your achievements and motivate others to embark on their running journeys. Remember, each medal tells a story—the story of your dedication and unwavering spirit.
Go ahead and let your medals shine!